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PostSubject: cryokinesis   Wed May 02, 2012 5:29 pm

Cryokinesis is the aability to creat coldness

CULTIVATING WATER ENERGY: This is what my brother did to to cultivate water energy. While taking a shower close your eyes and let the water hit your front side of your body. Visualize the water energy coming from it into your Dan Tien or even just your body like it is absorbing it. After a minute or two you will have enough. Changing Temperature: This technique is one of the more common you can find on Cryokinesis all over the web. It is using Cryokinesis to change the temperature of a specific area a bit, to make it colder. To start out, you may want to meditate a bit and clear your mind. Now, find the room, or whatever area you wish to change the temperature of, and you may want to check the thermostat first, and see what the temperature is. Now, stand there comfortably, with your eyes closed. Invision that you are standing in the middle of a blizzard, with snow blowing past you with gusts of frigid wind, ice forming on the ground. You must really get into this. Actually try to feel your body becoming colder. Picture the thermostat that you looked at in the beginning, and picture the temperature on it dropping. You could also picture ice forming around the room, all over everywhere, causing the temperature to drop. Now don't get discouraged, this takes practice. With enough work, you should be able to make the temperature a little colder.

ICE Ball

cup your hands like you are making a psi ball .Now, picture water running over your hands and in between your hands, as if you were running them under a faucet. Feel it out, and extract the water elemental energy. Now, picture the water frosting over, try to hear the sounds of the ice crackling as the water freezes. Picture it freezing little by little, and compiling into a ball of ice between your palms. Do this for a few minutes, and see if you feel any cold between your hands. Don't worry, all these techniques take time and practice, so you might not get it on the first day. Just keep working on it. Practice this every day, until you can do it. To test this, you can try throwing the ice ball at a candle or some kind of small flame like that. And again, don't worry if nothing happens the first few times. Just remember, when throwing the ice ball, just like any other energy ball, you must be in complete concentration and focus, so that the ball does not simply disperse into the air.

ICE BLAST: make an ice ball and throw it at your target.

ICE SHIELD:absorb water energy and explode it out of you and visualize it freezing about 4 feet in front of you. now add more energy to it and make it thicker and stronger.[b]
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