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dont shut down the forum
Good Tk
Hi everyone :)
blocking out pain
horsy is here
Plant healing technique.
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PostSubject: Good Tk   Thu May 03, 2012 5:23 pm

Quote :
Telekinesis: Is it a scientific phenomenon, or is it paranormal? I have even been wondering if it is magic. Scientific community will tell us that magic can't happen, yet there are innumerable cases of paranormal activities throughout history. Telekinesis can happen, all you have to do is put your mind over matter.

What is Telekinesis?
It is the ability of people who basically can move things using their power of mind. This is done without using any physical devices. At first, this may seem unreal, but it happens. As every mass or matter is made up of molecules, an experienced person will tell you that it's just a matter of communicating with these molecules. Once you are adept at doing so, you will be able to move things using your abilities of telekinesis. I must throw caution to the wind here, telekinesis is something which cannot be achieved overnight. Some people require less amount of time and some may require more time to master this technique. Also starting with lighter objects does help.

Concentration Exercises
Since you wish to move or bend things through the power of your thoughts, it only makes sense to start with improving your concentration. There is no such thing as genie in bottle, where you simply make a wish and that comes true. You have to work towards it. Improving your concentration will keep unwanted thoughts away. Put up a soothing picture on a wall and start focusing on that picture. Make sure that there are no other wall hangings around there. If your concentration is getting disturbed by wall hangings, then your purpose is simply getting defeated. Concentrate in such a way that there are no other thoughts in your mind. You should only focus on the picture. This may be difficult in the beginning, but in good time, you will learn to push those thoughts away.

Bending a Spoon
Now we come to the most important part of this free telekinesis training for beginners. Remember that scene in the movie "Matrix", where Neo is visiting Oracle for the first time? He sees a kid who was able to bend a spoon in many directions. Well, telekinesis is something similar to that (although the kid was playing with the proverbial Matrix and not actually performing telekinesis). As I have mentioned before, a beginner should always choose lighter objects, preferably a paper or a pen. Assuming that you have enough concentrating power, concentrate all your thoughts on an object that you choose. Let us assume that you've chosen a paper. Close your eyes, focus your mind and start visualizing the movement of the paper. With clarity of thought, focus on paper and visualize yourself communicating with that object. Concentrate your senses of sight, sound, colors, etc., to communicate with that piece of paper. Do this only for ten to fifteen minutes. Do not overstretch yourself.

Please don't be surprised or disheartened if it doesn't happen right away. You need to try telekinesis for quite some time. The possibility of it happening right away is very little. Success will follow after many trials and errors . And when you do experience some telekinetic activity, there's no telling that you might do it again the very next moment. Maintain a journal of what you have achieved. Mind you, this journal is only for yourself to check the progress you have made.

For any phenomenon to receive scientific accreditation, it should be satisfactorily observable . The results of telekinesis are repeatable, but not to the satisfaction of any scientist. Therefore, telekinesis is considered as paranormal activity.

Hope that this article on telekinesis training for beginners is helpful to the reader. Have fun in putting your mind to it.
I found this on this site ( )and thought it would help a lot....
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Good Tk
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